More States Presume Joint Physical Custody Is Best

More and more states and more and more courts are deciding child custody cases with an assumption that the parents should have joint legal custody. This means that both parents have decision-making power in questions of education, health, religion and other matters. Despite this trend, some courts still favor awarding primary physical custody to one parent, with the other parent having visitation rights.

Many people feel that in addition to a “best interests of the child” standard, there should be a presumption that both parents will share physical custody. That is the idea behind recent proposed legislation in South Dakota that would make a joint physical custody presumption the law in that state.

Judges would still be able to decide child custody cases in a way other than with joint physical custody, but they would have to give a written explanation for their deviation from the presumed joint custody arrangement.

A child custody lawyer in Riverside, CA noted that people in favor of the new South Dakota law say that children of parents who share physical custody do better in school and have fewer emotional or legal problems than children who have one parent with primary physical custody.

Opponents of the legislation say that children with parents living in different towns would have increased difficulties. But backers of the new law say that having active involvement from both parents outweighs the inconvenience of dual households.

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Business Accounting

The accounting part of any business is very important and is made up of several different factors; among those factors are bookkeeping and payroll. The bookkeeping part is responsible for accurately recording all incomings and outgoings and doing so in a manner which an accountant can easily find any relevant information that they may be looking for. Also If you need any help about money laundering matter, our money laundering legal representation is available to assist in similar cases.

This means that there are bookkeeping methods that have been tried and tested to be of the most effective foe accountants. Therefore an employee hired by a business to take on bookkeeping duties, must either be already fully trained in correct bookkeeping procedures or have to receive the relevant training at the business’s expense. If a bookkeeper is employed, as there may be a time when they are sick and the records still need to be kept, another employee will have to train in order to take the bookkeeper’s place. Apart from the cost of this extra training, the movement of that staff member may create a staff shortage in another part of the business. As the well-being of a business’s employees is usually an aspect of the business that any owner takes seriously, especially as they do not want at any time employee problems due to inaccurate or late pay checks being received by the staff.

Therefore a business owner will want to ensure that their payroll manager is competent both in the correct actions to be taken and in the number of employees that they have to deal with. Once again though, this is another post that cannot afford to be unmanned and so a back-up will also have to be trained and kept up to date with current procedures.

Today, in order to ensure that top bookkeepers are minding their books, a business may opt to make use of a professional bookkeeping agency. These agencies are especially staffed and managed by professional bookkeepers enabling them to offer bookkeeping services to any business regardless of size. These agencies are of course responsible for ensuring that all their staff is fully trained and that they have contingency plans for any staff shortage they may temporarily experience. Of course these agencies have to be paid but as they can provide bookkeepers on an hourly as well as daily basis, their fees can often work out cheaper than training and hiring full time staff to look after the books. As well as offering bookkeepers, many of these agencies are also available to provide patrol management services. This time their payment will probably depend on the number of people on the payroll and will probably be a fee on a per employee basis.

If a business sues the opportunity to use these services, they can not only save on staff wages and benefits but also save on any training costs that they otherwise of had to provide. Perhaps one distinct advantage of using an agency is that if a business fortunately experiences an increase in business, it is easy to just extend the hours of the bookkeeper and pay per extra employee.

New data shows rural roads are more dangerous than urban roads

According to new federal data the chances a person may die from a traffic accident depends on where the person lives and what roads the person is traveling. The conclusion from reviewing the federal data show that urban roads are safer than rural roads and that rural states have a higher highway death rate than urban states. The assertion that rural roads are more dangerous holds true even in states with a low rate of fatal car accidents.

The study looked at the traffic fatalities per 100 million miles driven and traffic fatalities per 100,000 population to create rates of highway deaths in every state and Washington D.C. According to the study the safest places to drive are Massachusetts and Washington D.C. Among the most dangerous places to drive in the United States are Montana, Wyoming, Mississippi and our home state of Louisiana. Massachusetts, the safest state, has a highway death rate of 5.1 percent and Wyoming, the most dangerous state, has a highway death rate of 24.6 percent. Louisiana has a highway death rate of 18.3 percent. The national average is 11.0 percent.

Rural areas are more dangerous driving areas than urban areas because rural roads have higher speed limits, less safety engineering like highway barriers and slower access to emergency medical assistance. A spokesman for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety asserted that Western states are going to have higher fatality rates because more serious highway accidents happen on two-lane rural roads with high speed limits.

Some highway safety groups do not believe the comparisons are the best way to determine the safety of roads in a particular state. The Governors Highway Safety Association believes that the safety of a state’s roads should be measured by the highway laws the state has passed. Contact a Vero Beach lawyer today for more information.

Fatal Bike Accidents in South Florida

Two fatal bicycle accidents have already occurred in the New Year. Both of the bicycle accidents occurred before morning struck and both occurred in South Florida. The fatal accidents also took place within 24 hours of each other as well. Like Jacksonville, the area has an active biking community. Nearly one quarter of fatal traffic accidents in South Florida were bicyclists and pedestrians during 2009.

The first fatal bicycle accident in the area occurred earlier this week on Tuesday near 6:00 a.m. A male bicyclist was traveling on Flamingo Road in Sunrise and was approaching Sunrise Boulevard when a motorist struck the man. The bicyclist was killed during the accident. The driver of the vehicle remained at the scene of the accident and no charges have been filed at this point.

The second fatal bicycle accident occurred on Wednesday at about quarter to six in the morning. A 61-year-old bicyclist was killed near Fort Lauderdale. The 61-year-old man was crossing West Sunrise Boulevard in Broward when a silver Toyota Camry station wagon struck the bicyclist. The station wagon had been traveling eastward on Sunrise Boulevard when the accident occurred, and the bicyclist crossed the street in the middle of the block, not at an intersection. The bicyclist died at the scene of the accident. The driver of the vehicle also remained at the scene of the accident and no charges have been filed as of yet.

Police have not determined who was at fault in either accident and investigations are still underway by a car wreck lawyer in Alexandria. As the New Year begins all travelers of the road should take caution and travel responsibly.

Legalizing Marijuana Results in Fewer Traffic Deaths?

Here’s some food for thought — would legalizing marijuana result in fewer traffic deaths?

Each year, many people in Louisiana die as a result of car accidents and many more are badly hurt. On top of that, irresponsible and impaired drivers damage millions of dollars’ worth of public and private property.

A recent study by economists from Montana State University and the University of Colorado found an interesting way to possibly reduce traffic deaths. They found that in the 13 states that permit legalized marijuana, traffic deaths dropped an average of 9 percent after marijuana stopped being taboo.

A big part of this drop, the researchers theorized, is that 20-to-29-year-old men used marijuana in their homes instead of driving to bars to consume alcohol. Since this at-risk demographic drove less and drank less, there were fewer traffic fatalities.

Now, it is safe to say that everyone is in favor of reducing traffic fatalities. Then again, marijuana is not a consequence-free drug. Furthermore, marijuana is often legalized under the theory that it will be used to help people cope with pain from debilitating medical conditions, and it seems the reduction in traffic deaths these researchers uncovered is thanks to recreation use, not medicinal use.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Like we said, marijuana is far from consequence-free, but some people might think that whatever its consequences, they are worth it in exchange for reducing the number of people who are killed each year in car accidents. If you’re seeking Lousiana criminal defense for marijuana possession or any other suitable infraction, be sure to contact a lawyer.

Debt Settlement Help

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Texting and Driving Causes Death of Infant

Recently we have been talking a lot about the dangerous and even fatal repercussions of driving and texting. We have spoken about a teenager who was distracted by his phone and killed a pedestrian on a Saturday night. Last time, we spoke about how one study conducted by Car and Driver magazine showed that texting and driving is more dangerous than drinking and driving. The study showed that the drivers’ reaction times were slower while texting and driving than the drivers’ reaction times were while impaired. Obviously, the combination is not safe. Stein Law Bronx injury attorneys understand these types of cases and how to handle them.

Today, we report another example that demonstrates the deadly consequences of texting and driving. Last week a 6-month-old infant was killed in a car accident in Washington state that was caused by texting and driving. Tragically, the young baby was the only fatally and the rest of the infant’s family members walked away from the crash unscathed. Again, the worst part of the fatal accident is that it was completely preventable. Investigators that attended the crash say the number of drivers’ texting and driving continues to increase. Police warn drivers that they will “dig into” drivers’ phone records to prove phone use at the time of accidents.

The car accident that killed the 6-month old occurred at an intersection regulated by a stoplight. The family’s vehicle was stopped at the light and a driver in an SUV smashed into the stopped car. The infant was seated in the back seat and was closest to the point of impact. The 6-month old suffered a bruised windpipe and fractured skull. The child died a few days later. The driver of the SUV denied texting while driving until officers informed him they would subpoena his records. Commenting on the car accident, an officer said, “There’s nothing that important that you can’t stop for 2 seconds to make that call or send a text.”

Flint, MI car accident attorneys are ready and willing to assist with any car accident claim you might have. Don’t forget to contact an attorney today to receive help with your claim!

Drivers Aren’t the Only Ones Who Text on the Road

As we have discussed over the last two weeks, distracted driving is a significant cause of car accidents and that taking your eye off of the road for what seems like only a few seconds can have catastrophic consequences. Distracted drivers though are no longer the only targets of distracted road use, lawmakers in two states want to also confront distracted pedestrians. The proposed laws would ban the use of cell phones, music players and other electronic devices by non-motor vehicle users of the road.

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, pedestrians account for around 12 percent of fatal car accidents in the United States. While the majority of states have laws against texting while driving, similar laws for pedestrians are practically unheard of. Lawmakers in Arkansas and New York may be starting a trend. A proposed law in Arkansas would prevent pedestrians, runners and bicyclists from using headphones on both ears while in proximity of any roadway. The state lawmaker that proposed the bill said the point was to make sure that all users of the road are aware of their surroundings.

In the Northeast, lawmakers in New York have been trying to pass a distracted pedestrian law since 2007. The proposed law there would prevent pedestrians from using cell phones, music players or any other electronic gadget while crossing the street in a city with a population of 1 million or more. A state lawmaker that represents a district in Brooklyn said that he has seen far too many pedestrians get into car accidents because they were “wired up” and not paying attention to the scene around them. The state lawmaker argues that a distracted pedestrian law is no different than a distracted driver law. While it is not clear whether distracted pedestrian laws will take off around the country, all users of the road should strive to be aware.

Accident attorneys in Ohio are trained to handle a myriad of different car accidents and their causes. Don’t be afraid to contact an attorney today!

Third tour bus accident in less than two weeks

Last week we discussed the fatal tour bus accident that occurred in New York City and killed 15 people. On Monday evening another tour bus accident occurred in Littleton, Vermont near the Vermont and Quebec, Canada border. The commercial accident was the third bus accident to occur in less than two weeks. The bus accident injured 23 people and no people were killed. Investigators have interviewed the driver and have not ruled out palm beach criminal charges.

The tour bus was traveling from Quebec to Boston and was carrying two dozen Korean passengers. The driver of the bus lost control on Interstate 93 near the Vermont border with Canada around 8:15 p.m. During the evening light snow was on the ground in the area, which also caused sporadic fog. Passengers that were on the bus were thankfully able to complete their trip the following day.

According to police five passengers were seriously injured and were taken to a local hospital. Eighteen other people were treated for lesser and minor injuries. The bus driver’s history is being reviewed by authorities but authorities have not made any conclusions at this point.

The bus accident was the third serious bus accident to occur in the Northeast over the last two weeks. The first serious and fatal bus accident occurred on March 12 and killed 15 people in New York, and the second accident occurred in New Jersey . The fatal bus accident in New Jersey occurred last week and happened as the bus was traveling from New York’s Chinatown to Philadelphia. The driver and a passenger were killed in the New Jersey crash. Twelve other passengers were injured. Contact Personal injury Umansky Law for more information about Personal injury law and other types of law.

Because of the series of crashes and amid safety concerns, New York officials throughout the state pulled tour buses over at random checkpoints over the weekend.