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Intellectual Property. In the intellectual property area, we have assisted many companies in the application for and prosecution of trademark rights both within and outside the United States. We have represented a number of U.S. clients in the registration and protection of trademark rights around the world, including under the new European Union trademark system. We also have represented U.K., German, Japanese, U.K. and other non-U.S. clients in connection with registering and protecting trademarks in the United States. One of our lawyers is the chairman of the Policy Oversight Committee, the international entity with a worldwide membership and responsibility for fashioning a system for the assignment and administration of Internet domain names, as well as a source of proposed administrative procedures for resolving international trademark disputes over domain names. We are counsel to a number of clients in connection with Internet publishing issues having cross-border implications, including jurisdiction, advertising, security and privacy issues. Our experience includes representation of a U.S. housewares company in connection with distribution and marketing agreements for its products in Japan, Africa and other transactions outside the U.S. We counseled a Japanese electronics company in connection with the development of a negotiating strategy designed to limit patent infringement claims. We have also counseled an international conservation and land management organization in connection with the prosecution and protection of trademark rights in Pacific Rim and Latin American countries.

Franchise, Distribution and Commercial Agency. Our qualified lawyers regularly advise U.S. clients expanding beyond the U.S. borders through the establishment of franchise, distribution, commercial agency or licensing programs outside the U.S. We also have represented non-U.S. clients that operate in the U.S. using franchise, distribution, and sales representative or licensing arrangements. Some examples would include our representation of a U.S. manufacturer of tools in connection with its distribution and franchising activities outside the U.S. and of a U.K. water filtration technology company in the establishment of U.S. distribution arrangements. We assisted a U.S. manufacturer of marine recreational products (power boats and boat engines) by conducting a survey of local law pertaining to its dealer and distributor relationships in Puerto Rico, Ecuador and a number of Central American countries and we counseled a U.S. fast food restaurant franchisor regarding the protection of its trademark rights in various countries.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution. Our qualified is known for the strength and depth of its litigation practice. This expertise extends from complex litigation to alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation. We have more than 200 litigators with a wide range of experience. For example, we have represented the state power system of an Eastern European country in defending a breach of contract action brought in the U.S. courts. We have represented a German-Swiss joint venture in connection with proceedings defending an airport transportation project contract award against a challenge by an unsuccessful Japanese bidder. Our client was a U.S.-based construction company in connection with an action brought by it in the U.S. courts to enforce arbitral awards made outside of the U.S. against the government of a Middle Eastern nation. Attorneys at Our qualified were counsel to a U.S. chemical company defending against U.S. and Canadian criminal investigations and $3 billion in consolidated civil class action suits in multiple jurisdictions alleging horizontal price-fixing by Canadian mining companies after the settlement of a U.S. anti-dumping proceeding. One of our lawyers also has represented a European airline in connection with a defense against a U.S. criminal grand jury investigation of alleged export control violations in the sale of commercial jet engines and a European automobile manufacturer in connection with a U.S. antitrust action alleging monopolizing conduct.

Labor and Employment Matters. Our attorneys regularly advise clients on labor and employment matters extending from general employment practices and policies to defense of discrimination, harassment and similar allegations, as well as offer counsel on the design and development of programs to prevent violation of applicable laws. In the case of non-U.S. clients, this might include advice in the context of disputes such as that provided to a Japanese trading company in connection with the successful (summary judgment) defense of a gender discrimination lawsuit, or advice in a transactional context such as representation of a Japanese hotel company regarding labor and employment implications of its assumption of the management of certain hotels in the U.S. By way of other examples, our lawyers have advised Asian companies in connection with sexual harassment claims brought against senior executives, as well as representation of action of a non-U.S. airline in connection with its successful opposition to union organizing campaigns. Also If you need any help about Bankruptcy matter, our E Orum Young Bankruptcylaw firm is available to assist in similar cases.

Texting and Driving Causes Death of Infant

Recently we have been talking a lot about the dangerous and even fatal repercussions of driving and texting. We have spoken about a teenager who was distracted by his phone and killed a pedestrian on a Saturday night. Last time, we spoke about how one study conducted by Car and Driver magazine showed that texting and driving is more dangerous than drinking and driving. The study showed that the drivers’ reaction times were slower while texting and driving than the drivers’ reaction times were while impaired. Obviously, the combination is not safe. Stein Law Bronx injury attorneys understand these types of cases and how to handle them.

Today, we report another example that demonstrates the deadly consequences of texting and driving. Last week a 6-month-old infant was killed in a car accident in Washington state that was caused by texting and driving. Tragically, the young baby was the only fatally and the rest of the infant’s family members walked away from the crash unscathed. Again, the worst part of the fatal accident is that it was completely preventable. Investigators that attended the crash say the number of drivers’ texting and driving continues to increase. Police warn drivers that they will “dig into” drivers’ phone records to prove phone use at the time of accidents.

The car accident that killed the 6-month old occurred at an intersection regulated by a stoplight. The family’s vehicle was stopped at the light and a driver in an SUV smashed into the stopped car. The infant was seated in the back seat and was closest to the point of impact. The 6-month old suffered a bruised windpipe and fractured skull. The child died a few days later. The driver of the SUV denied texting while driving until officers informed him they would subpoena his records. Commenting on the car accident, an officer said, “There’s nothing that important that you can’t stop for 2 seconds to make that call or send a text.”

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Drivers Aren’t the Only Ones Who Text on the Road

As we have discussed over the last two weeks, distracted driving is a significant cause of car accidents and that taking your eye off of the road for what seems like only a few seconds can have catastrophic consequences. Distracted drivers though are no longer the only targets of distracted road use, lawmakers in two states want to also confront distracted pedestrians. The proposed laws would ban the use of cell phones, music players and other electronic devices by non-motor vehicle users of the road.

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, pedestrians account for around 12 percent of fatal car accidents in the United States. While the majority of states have laws against texting while driving, similar laws for pedestrians are practically unheard of. Lawmakers in Arkansas and New York may be starting a trend. A proposed law in Arkansas would prevent pedestrians, runners and bicyclists from using headphones on both ears while in proximity of any roadway. The state lawmaker that proposed the bill said the point was to make sure that all users of the road are aware of their surroundings.

In the Northeast, lawmakers in New York have been trying to pass a distracted pedestrian law since 2007. The proposed law there would prevent pedestrians from using cell phones, music players or any other electronic gadget while crossing the street in a city with a population of 1 million or more. A state lawmaker that represents a district in Brooklyn said that he has seen far too many pedestrians get into car accidents because they were “wired up” and not paying attention to the scene around them. The state lawmaker argues that a distracted pedestrian law is no different than a distracted driver law. While it is not clear whether distracted pedestrian laws will take off around the country, all users of the road should strive to be aware.

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