Texting and Driving Causes Death of Infant

Recently we have been talking a lot about the dangerous and even fatal repercussions of driving and texting. We have spoken about a teenager who was distracted by his phone and killed a pedestrian on a Saturday night. Last time, we spoke about how one study conducted by Car and Driver magazine showed that texting and driving is more dangerous than drinking and driving. The study showed that the drivers’ reaction times were slower while texting and driving than the drivers’ reaction times were while impaired. Obviously, the combination is not safe. Stein Law Bronx injury attorneys understand these types of cases and how to handle them.

Today, we report another example that demonstrates the deadly consequences of texting and driving. Last week a 6-month-old infant was killed in a car accident in Washington state that was caused by texting and driving. Tragically, the young baby was the only fatally and the rest of the infant’s family members walked away from the crash unscathed. Again, the worst part of the fatal accident is that it was completely preventable. Investigators that attended the crash say the number of drivers’ texting and driving continues to increase. Police warn drivers that they will “dig into” drivers’ phone records to prove phone use at the time of accidents.

The car accident that killed the 6-month old occurred at an intersection regulated by a stoplight. The family’s vehicle was stopped at the light and a driver in an SUV smashed into the stopped car. The infant was seated in the back seat and was closest to the point of impact. The 6-month old suffered a bruised windpipe and fractured skull. The child died a few days later. The driver of the SUV denied texting while driving until officers informed him they would subpoena his records. Commenting on the car accident, an officer said, “There’s nothing that important that you can’t stop for 2 seconds to make that call or send a text.”

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